Sunday, October 10, 2010


Dedication is getting up at 6 am driving one hour to run in a 10K Road Race...hubby is running this morning...Turkey Tea Ten....
LOVE is getting up on this beautiful Sunday morning at 6  and going with him...

Practice takes Dedication.

Which starts my mind wandering....
Both of us run our Running Career highlight being the Ottawa Marathon.
Hubby did the full 42K ....I'd ran the half 21K.....17 weeks of training six days a week through wind, snowstorms, bitter cold and dog attacks :).
But what a feeling to cross that finish line..
Many times on the course I was needing a push and then along comes Inspiration.....I spotted hubby across the Rideau Canal he was still in the race.....this was my 50th year and the race was a gift to myself....I was celebrating 5 years of being Cancer inspiring is that!

As I write this we are driving East towards the city a beautiful crisp fall morning 5 degrees and the fiery ball of sun is rising over the harsh barren land that is our home. I have a lot to be thankful for and that's what provides my Motivation.......

And they are off!! 

My Jack Russell Shiquita is feeling cheated as she was both inspired and motivated.  She went on the training runs with Hubby but gets left at the start line with me.

Always so much to do....I only have 99 skiens of wool to ball now....really don't like to waste a minute of my day so while I wait to cheer my runner on I  work  on a blue baby blanket I am crocheting (I crochet while Hubby is driving). I did have a fleeting thought of bringing my hooking.... The blanket doesn't have an owner yet but with our large family there is always a baby on the way.

The Race is Run... 47.28 mins!
Hubby is happy.He took four minutes off his time from his last 10K Road Race.

And I am proud! Hubby is seven months out of surgery for Prostate Cancer......what a come back :)

Its only 9:30 and I have a full day ahead of me.....I am going to work on my hooking. Wonder if Anne will get a reprieve from digging potatoes on this lovely Sunday. Now that swings my thoughts to my Grandmother Minnie....

There would be no work done in her house on Sundays...nor in her in her definition included any darning, hooking, knitting....
Times Change....

Paula Stacey-Flood


  1. Paula, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post today. Thank God for such blessings.

    I spent the better part of the day hooking because the weather is rainy here today...again; however, I didn't complain much. I am trying to finish another mat for the Sale next weekend and I should never have begun because I do 'torture' myself until the finish. If I don't have it finished, I will be really disappointed. I am ready to roll for the last 8"X24", so you can imagine my hook has been hot this past few days... :)
    Did you really buy 100 balls of yarn? Glory be....:)
    Take care, Paula...

  2. I have been working on the piece I started at Woody Island...and its looking good...and yes I have 100 .... only 94 left to ball't wait to see your new mat....Friday will be here before you know it!!!

  3. Yes, I remember Nanny H would never let us knit on Sunday, or play cards. Not even Solitaire.
    Well I am knitting a sweater out of handspun alpaca for a customer right now. I just finished spinning all the back fleece and I hope its enough yarn ;-)
    What a great pic -- I have never seen a pic of Pop H before except one of him laying on the couch and smoking a pipe while Nan was seated on the edge of it

  4. hubby? Me?
    Do you know that I have an image to uphold? What will my followers think? LOL
    Thanks for the ride, imagine if I had to run back to the start line to get my car!
    The goods news is that I am only 2 minutes away from my personal best time to complete the 10K.

  5. Great job guys - you both have overcome health issues and have perserved to be better and stronger people because of it! Hats off to you both on your strength and dedication to something you thoroughly love to do...... vacation time very, very soon! See you on the beach! :)


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