Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wool.....have you ever thought about it?

Wool.....real wool....has been around since 4000 b.c and probably the first animal fibre to be made into cloth...guess our ancestors had lots of time to think and be creative on those cold nights in the caves...the first wool factory was established in 50 AD by the Romans in about staying power of a product...and its so versatile some of that is probably still around today :-).  They did find a piece in a Danish Bog that dated back 1500 BCE.  The British introduced the Merino sheep to Australia in 1797 and look at the industry there now.

Look at the properties of is hard wearing and absorbs does not burn over a flame but smoulders is lightweight and versatile...Wool does not wrinkle is resistant to dirt and wear and tear.

I have to confess I am a wool addict.....every city and town  and cove I visit...I quickly scan to see if there is a "Wool Department"  I have trunks of it and bags of it... in so many colors....but I know there are more colors out there and I have to have them.  Wool colors are glorious :-).. I inherited my mothers wool (Myrtle Stacey) which I am sure had some of my Grandmothers (Minnie Hiscock)  wool in it.  I love to create with it......I have two quilts they knit tucked away not to be used...(two dogs here)..Look at all the things you can make with wool.
Below are some of my wool creations
Starting with one strand and you create a beautiful crochet baby blanket which speaks warmth and comfort

....needles and wool create a wool sweater or scarf to keep you warm on that fall walk or in the skating rink.  Or at the Santa Claus Parade!

 A piece of burlap, a design, wool  yarn of many colors and a hook and you create a piece of art.  Carpets, coats, hookers love to recycle those coats and suits into mats.....oh I sigh (big breath) for all those wonderful mats that were created by our grand mothers and replaced by the store bought....

I hear the wool calling.......have 100 skeins to ball up!..and I know my friend Anne is busy at it....I'm inspired again!
 Nows wheres my hubby...I need a hand...

Paula Flood

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  1. So true for the "wool", Paula...My mother, in her day, knit woollen underwear. Can you imagine wearing that? When they spun the wool that is where it went plus, sox, mitts, etc...Poor dears didn't have wool to use in mats like we are fortunate enough to have. I like to add some in mine, too.
    By the way, I didn't hook as much as I wanted to yesterday....I DID get that bellow from the doorway and dug five more sacks of tadies...Can't today because there is showers..whee...I can hook now....
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Btw: I Love your "Change Islands" mat...the way you have done the rock is super.....


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