Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So Now I'm a Blogger...

So Now I'm a Blogger in addtion to being a Hooker...a Biker...a Kayaker and a Runner...
This blog is to showcase my Original Rug Hooked Designs.

I am a native Newfoundlander whose love of the province shows in my work. My rugs provide color, warmth and texture in wall art of Hooked Rugs. I am mostly a self taught Rug Hooker and create my own designs and I work with wool yarn and recycled t-shirts.  I have always loved working with fibre and also enjoy crochet, knitting and cross stitch.  My Newfoundland roots are deep and my relatives arrived to these shores on Woody Island, Placentia Bay in 1773.  I love local lore and the rich history of the province I see a rug design in every cove, salt box house, church, and stage that I visit. 

Primitive style...For the beginner hooker, this style of hooking is probably the easiest to do. This style of hooking uses wide strips of wool, normally at least a 1/4" wide, and a very simple childlike drawing. It doesn't have to be realistic in style or coloring.
Barnyard King

Realistic style...This type of rug is hooked using a much narrower strip of wool... about 3/23" up to 1/8" wide. The object is to make the rug as detailed and realistic as possible.

In the Cove

Pictorial style...This style lets the hooker create a picture or scene such as a landscape. The width of wool the hooker uses may vary... it can be entirely wide, entirely narrow or a mixture. The object is to make the rug look real..

Change Islands
I just got home from a "Hook- In"  that I organized on Woody Island....we stayed at Woody Island Resort...and the stay was excellent!  Woody Island is very inspiring and you can't help from feel that "Hookers have Hooked here before" and of course I have a project that I want to hookfrom Woody Island...so I better get at it  :-)


  1. Good Job, Paula...love to see more...your rugs are great!!

  2. Paula, welcome to the world of Blogging. Wow your art work is amazing.

  3. Wow Paula where do you find the time? Sure wish I had some of your energy. Keep up the excellent work girl !

  4. Paula, your rugs are lovely. I missed out on the Woody Island Rug Retreat last year. I think Anne explained why. Hopefully this year, all will go well and I will get to attend. Anne had nothing but praise for you and the retreat.Hope to meet you this year on the island.

  5. Thanks Melanie....my self or Anne will make sure you get the details for this years retreat :-)

  6. These are amazing designs. I am sure a lot of work has gone into it. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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