Friday, December 3, 2010

Comfort and Joy

Like everyone I have had a busy, busy fall! 
Tho probably not so busy as my friend Anne :-) Get a cup of tea or coffee and check out her Blog

Lots of traveling, busy at work, busy with family and of course busy with hooking. 
This year because I had so much free time :-) I decided to hook three pieces to submit for jurying for the  2010 Comfort and Joy Show at Devon house hosted by the Newfoundland and Labrador Craft Council.  Comfort & Joy is an exhibition and sale of special creations celebrating the comfort and joy of the holiday season.
Pretty ambitious as from the time I made my decision to the deadline I also had a two week vacation and a conference in "Hubby" made me a frame that I can take apart for travel and when I packed in went the frame the "Joy" piece I was working on and all the wonderful colors of wool...

I did get two pieces completed

and "Christmas Blue Jay". 

The good news is they were accepted for the Show!
For any of you in the big city in the next couple of weeks the Comfort and Joy Show runs from December 4 - 19 at the Devon House Craft Centre,
59 Duckworth Street
Here is the info on the opening of Comfort & Joy    
 Join us for an
Open House &
Opening Reception
Saturday, December 4, 1 - 4pm
find great gifts, enjoy tasty refreshments and discover your holiday spirit

Devon House Craft Centre,  59 Duckworth St.


  1. Great work Paula! Hope your pieces are sold to to one lucky family and are proudly hung in their home this season!

  2. Hi Paula

    I stumbled on your site through our mutual friend/blogger Anne Kirby. I am in the west coast-Corner Brook and took up rug hooking only one year ago. Your pieces are lovely and congratuations!

  3. Thanks! Michelle and Julie :-) Am now following you Julie....

  4. OH Paula, I am soooo excited for you although I had no doubt your work would be accepted...Hope you sell them and continue to submit for other occasions....Congrats, Girlie...

    I have not had a chance to post on my blog for a while. I spent four days in town..My blind brother had to be moved from his home to another but the story is not nice. We have a very weak system and I am totally upset about it all...anyways, thems the breaks, I guess.

  5. Gorgeous work, Paula
    Hope you had a great show at Devon House


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