Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time to Hook......

The weekend is mine.....I have the time to hook all I want this weekend....well after some chores and 5 k hike with the dogs (if I don't exercise them they won't let me hook) and I have to get my run in....

I have completed two new projects and still have to bind them....really procrastinating on those and yesterday I put a new design on the frame and stayed up hooking until 2:30 *YAWN* seemed like a good idea at the time and I was on a roll. 

I joined a new hooking site Rug Hooking Daily and I have to say there is quite a nice community there :-) and lots of ideas.  Now they got me thinking about  borders!

I had two new birds show up in my front yard trees yesterday which I hope I DON"T see again.  Two Sharp Skinned Hawks who don't come to feeders to feed on seed.  I know its Nature....but....


  1. Hi Paula,
    Rug Hooking Daily is a great resource. So what is the new design you are working on? I started a new hit and miss last night with the contents of the "worm basket"

  2. Those darned birds are not welcome here, either. We have had our experience with them..
    I am also into the R.H.D. group but honestly, there is not enough time in a day to look at all the goodies that are there.
    Happy Hooking the weekend...Speaking of MORE snow tomorrow...
    I, too, was up until the wee hours of the morning...Yawn, too...:)

  3. I'm also on Rug Hooking Daily. It's a great site! Everyone gives really constructive feedback when you post a piece.


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