Saturday, February 12, 2011

Interesting Interest and my latest Hooking

So I have these Sharp  Skin Hawks who think they have found a home with me....and I posted on the NL Birding site on what to do to make them move on....I have hundres of birds here and the Hawks like to dine and dash :-(....nature I know...but still..
Anyways...a Birder and Wildlife Photographer makes contact me and wants to shoot some photos here as he has never seen one of the Hawks in this is what my place looked like today...they were rewarded for their hours early morning drive by being greeted by one of the Hawks who was having a disagreement with a crow (they arrived here 8:15 and I already had the feeders full and the drive shoveled ..Saturday MORNING, I might add)

They got some awesome shots....loved the variety of birds I have here.  I had a Nut Hatch here today....some cute!...little birds that love the peanuts....we had wonderful discussions or a warm up cup of tea on birds, seeds, what to feed, and I had a peek at some of the amazing shots.

Of course then it was my turn to show them my passion and this is the project I did last weekend and it was a Winter appropriate :-)

Here is some of his AMAZING work...

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  1. How interesting, indeed, Paula...We have LOTS of birds around, various kinds, all beautiful...

    I love your mat, of course. The border is very unique, I think and gorgeous, as well...


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