Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How does your garden grow??

Thoughts of Spring anyone?
According to my lastest hooking it must be on my mind....and somehow there were alot of the number 3 in this design that I didn't realize til I posted the picture...this was inspired by my garden.

Three types of Veggies, three clouds, three worms, three blue yarns in the sky, three browns in the earth, three colors of green in the leaves and grass and three roots on the veggies...and it was my 13th hooking....none of it planned....guess the right side of my brain does its own planning.

Anne that carrot reminds me of the whopper carrots you had last fall!!


  1. Very cute design. I love the little worm peeking out too. And that does look like one of Anne's humungous carrots from last year! lol

  2. Oh... yes, this does bring me thoughts of spring. Fresh veggies are aways off down here, but we can dream. The temps. were in the upper 70s today! Love that darling veggie rug!


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