Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Good Yarn

Yesterday I was in the city and decided to look up A Good Yarn on 4 Bates Hill in St. John's.  While at the Christmas Parade this car drives past covered in crochet and knitted was A Good Yarns Christmas float....
it was the first time I had heard of the shop.  I was welcomed by Jenny and Franklin.  What a lovely spot and lots of beautiful wool and of course I managed to add another ball to my collection from Cascade Yarns a beautiful  Green that I will use in my landscape of my next project.
Talk about service...when I was checking out Jenny offered to ball it for me!  She has a neat gadget there right at the checkout and it only took a couple of minutes.


  1. YOU, Paula, buying more yarn???? Ha, Ha....good choice, I bet....

  2. LOL Anne....I never mentioned I bought 48 balls of Homespun Lion Brand yarn at Michaels yesterday!!!! Reg price $8.99...Sales price....2.99...I could not refuse!!! Soon going to have to build a studio!!

  3. It is always dangerous to find a new source of craft supplies. I was buying wool today and asked the clerk to please not put the receipt in the bag. I said I didn't want a record of how much I spend in that store!


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