Monday, January 17, 2011

Disappearing Church

Here is the latest piece that I just took off the frame -the "Disappearing Church" . 
The Church of the Assumption, situated on a hilltop in the center of Avondale, Conception Bay is popularly known to motorists as the “Disappearing Church". Quite visible upon entering Avondale from the north, the church gradually disappears... from view as the highway descends to sea level, only to reappear further down the road.

Churches were always built on hills along our shores. Part of the reason was no doubt the practical consideration of navigational aid. Fisherman sailing back into Avondale harbor used the church as a guide to their home berths. They claimed that it disappeared, always to reappear as they rowed or sailed towards it.


  1. Beautiful.... love the colors and the design!

  2. That really is gorgeous. ! love the color of the sky.

  3. It's wonderful Paula. I like your clouds!! Congratulations. This is exciting for you.


  4. As I already told you, Paula...I just LOVE it. I wondered why you called it "Disappearing Church"...I thought it was going to be dismantled... :) Love everything about it. You are a wonderful HOOKER.....

  5. Beautiful! I just discovered your blog on Acorn Hollow and will have to catch up reading. Your work is lovely!


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