Monday, January 3, 2011

Catalina Sunset

With my long stretch of Christmas Holidays  before me I had visions of hours of uninterrupted hooking....while watching movies..BAM of course that didn't happen quite that way. Instead it was parties, friends visits, many trips to and from St. John's, two trips across this beautiful Island to Buchans! Plus I was crocheting an afghan for a gift that wasn't complete.  There were "American Girl" doll bankets and scarves to be done...
But I did manage to put a new project on the frame and I completed it before New Years last hooking for 2010. 
This was inspired from a photograph taken by a friend in was such a beautiful sunset but my challenge was to try to create a sunset reflected on the clouds with wool here is the Picture.....and my hooking..Red Sky at Night, Catalina NL...

of course I am waiting on "hubby" for framing :-)

Back to work tomorrow!


  1. Paula, what a super job!!!! I just LOVE it...I do love sunsets and have several saved for when I can do one also.....

  2. Wow, just beautiful. Great job!

  3. Nice job Paula. I prefer using wool yarns as a rule maybe because that was what I started on originally.

  4. Hello! I discovered your blog through Ravelry, and just had to comment on this piece. Stunning!! I've dabbled in rug hooking, and am always amazed at finished pieces (I have two very un-finished pieced tucked away!!) Beautiful work!


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