Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Entries submitted for the Exhibit "Blue" May 7 - June 12, 2011

Devon House St. John's

"Calm, sad, delicious and profound – the many unique characteristics of water inspire this group show.
Water sustains life and takes it away. Occupying 73 percent of the Earth, water is still unavailable in a drinkable form to one-fifth of the population. The range of water's colour, its reflective qualities and other characteristics unite and inspire the diverse work in this show. Come and see how craft and art mix with the ecology and politics of water."

I have entered two pieces "Evening Paddle"  showing the reflective qualities of water and "Out of the Blue" showing life in the ocean.  Fingers crossed that the Jury has a positive response.

My friend Ann has an entry as well...fingers crossed for her too!!


  1. Good luck with it Paula! I'm sure the jury could not vote anything but positive!

  2. Good luck to both you and Anne. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you both.


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