Friday, May 13, 2011

Out of the Blue

Well the rain feels like spring rain and everything is turning green.  I drove to Placentia yesterday and realized I never had to turn on the heater in the car!! So the weather IS changing :-)  Work has started on the garden and my out side to do list is  I'm a little sad that the winter is coming to an end as all these new activities cut in on my hooking time...Such is Life. 
This is my latest piece....Out Of the Blue...looks like its spring where he is too!


  1. Really beautiful, Paula..did you enter this one into the "Blue" show at Devon House?
    I know how you feel about the outside work...blah, for me, too....

  2. This was my "BLUE" Entry. Still working on my Spring inspired by your lambs :-) Can't wait to show that one to you....What have you done lately with the hooking??

  3. Been hooking some but not like I would like to. Now it is gardening time and we have to sneak every hour we can at that, depending on the weather, of course. Waiting on the weather to shear the sheep; that needs to be done big time. I finished the one that I am hoping to enter into the Irish thingy...I don't have a picture taken yet. I will let you have a look to see what you think. I have just begun one "hanging quilts".


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