Sunday, August 7, 2011

Squares for Cheongju Avenue of Trees---Calling all knitters and crocheters...

One of my fellow bloggers My Fair Isle has under taken on a HUGE project.... Cheongju Avenue of Trees....the project can all be found on Ravelry here is the Cheongju link for those of you who are members there. 

Here is the pattern or you can do any version of a 20 in by 20 inch square knit or crochet....a wonderful way to use up all those left overs. The guidelines for making squares are simple: each square should be one colour only and be 50 cm/20 inches in size. Otherwise, the squares can be knit or crocheted in any stitch or yarn.

The Avenue of Trees, being created by artist, Robyn Love, as part of the 2011 Cheongju Biennale in Cheongju, Korea.
The goal is to create 1500 squares that will be installed along 5km of roadway that will lead visitors to the Biennale event (Sept 22 - Oct. 30, 2011).
My first square is knit.....but I am switching to a granny square  for the next one.....1500 is alot of squares and 20 x 20 in is a LARGE square!!! 
Good luck to Robyn!!!


  1. Am teaching beginning classes in both knitting and crocheting - would LoVe to send you squares knit/crocheted by my students ....please email me an address where you want these squares sent!

    Excited to participate in this event!
    PS - did not know which profile to choose - so will just pick one ....anyway - please do email me soon!

  2. Excellent!!!!! Will contact you by email...What a good project for your students to be involved in !!


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