Thursday, June 16, 2011

Orange Juice and Orange Spice

Maybe this wet dull spring played a part...maybe the fact that one of my Daughter-in-Laws is Dominican and my other Daughter-in-law and son are moving to Arizona...and the in laws are coming to visit from the mainland for the first time combined with the artist in me and my love for bright colors strongly influenced my home renovating decisions. 
A trip to the hardware store and some color charts and study of the same led me to our local paint store where I placed an order for Orange Juice and Orange Spice paint!  The clerk inquired as to where I was putting these colors to which I proudly replied my open concept kitchen and dining room.  Without hesitation she screwed up her face and said you can't do that!  Why says I?  You can’t put orange in a kitchen she which I reply Yes I Can....then I ordered the Raspberry Truffle....for the living room...You can't do that she says and I say why not!...Can you see the orange and red at the same time she asks....Well yes at a certain angle says I....She protested and I ordered...then we got to the split pea green for the Family Room and downstairs bath....and you know the statement can't do that with rolling eyes this time....I can says I...and we move to the upstairs colors.  At this time she interrupts and says you will have to pay for further consultation as I can only give free consultation on three rooms. (.) (.) ...was the look I returned.....funny enough I never asked her opinion it was given freely with lots of expression :-) I was ordering the colors I had picked out and decided on before I went to the store.   Well you know the rest......I ordered Sunshine Yellow for the downstairs and upstairs hall to the sounds of (you can't do that it won't flow) and Dorset Gold for the Bathroom which got the biggest protest and a soothing maple syrup for my bedroom......
Reluctantly the paint was mixed and I only had one question.......why do they make these colors if there is nowhere in a house you can use them???

At the first roll of the orange on the existing Duncan stomach lurched....the painters laughed and said would I like to make sure.  Determination set it and I was ready to accept Orange Juice and Orange Spice for the next eight years.

Tonight I am loving my Orange Juice and Orange Spice space and anxiously waiting for the Split Pea Green :-) 

Of course I will share some pics with you :-)


  1. I love orange!! U go for it!! :)

  2. Nice color!! I love it and it looks like everyone is nice and comfy too!! lol

  3. I like it. It looks warm and cozy. That store clerk made me laugh!

  4. Lovely choice of colors, Paula...wish I had the nerve to change some of know, maybe I will......inspiration???

  5. I love it, a nice fresh colour that wakes your senses! : )


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